Friday, June 14, 2019

Family Friday - They are having fun

It is the third day of my MIL and cousin-IL's vacation.  Today I have offered her Cousin-IL to write the post about their BC adventure. 

Hello one and all,
My Aunt and I are having the time of our lives! From the minute we stepped off the plane and were handed a Tim Horton Blended cup of deliciousness, to the binge watching of a favorite Sam Elliott Netflix show The Ranch, we have been treated like Canadian Royalty! Shopping until we almost drop, we have been to every Dollar Store in Vernon (writer's embellishment), Davidson Orchards, honey tasting at Planet Bee (Cinnamon infused honey a must buy when you visit!), and this morning the Sunshine Festival in Downtown Vernon. Imagine my surprise when my host asked "Have you ever had Beaver Tail?" (my response, a look, raised eyebrows, and a "Uh, no.") Who knew it wasn't meat, but an amazing fried dough, cinnamon buttered, food of the Canadian Gods! All this fun was only surpassed by the Cranberry Portage hospitality, My cousin, Chauffeur and Sous Chef (the best son and cousin ever), Cousin-IL, aka Chef, Comedian, and Inn Keeper, (best cousin and daughter-in-law ever). The meals included Ribbon Pasta baked with cheese and meat sauce, Butter Chicken and rice, Pork Chili Verde, with homemade corn tortillas (yeah homemade), and the most spectacular dish, a homemade dessert, Tiramisu, seriously to die for! Even after having such wonderful dinners I was able to keep to my Weight Watchers and lose one pound, mind you I am not leaving for another week so....  

Pork Chili Verde 

We found this different flavor marshmallow while checking out London Drugs

This very different donut flavor (maccha and coconut) was from Ratio Coffee & Pastry

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