Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Welcoming Wednesday - Happiness with family

Whenever we get a chance to host our family visiting from other provinces, we or I should say, I get very excited.  I would start counting sleep and would get OCD with the planning.  My sister and I would probably do most of the cooking but maybe more my sister.  My daughter and her hubby will be visiting for a week while my sister will be around for an extra week.  It was a perfect timing that they were able to coordinate their vacation so they could be both here around the same time.  We don't see them often and it is going to be a fun week for us and we hope for them as well.  My daughter and my SIL have already sent a list of the meals they want to have while visiting.  Since my sister is a great cook and baker, she will do most of the meals they have requested.  I will get my special artisan bread ready for their arrival.  This will be the first time I will try on making an Olive Bread for my daughter.  On the other hand, Jeff will be making his Egg Bread, another request from my daughter.  While visiting we will plan on some fun things to do with them.  Although I know they will ask for some quiet time aka nap time.  They all have been working hard and are looking forward to this relaxing time at the CPBB.  Maybe my sister and I and maybe even my daughter will make a dance video just for laughs.  Do you have families visiting your home this summer? These are some of the activities we plan for their visit.
  • Okanagan Distillery
  • Wine tours in the area
  • Tennis match
  • Lunch at one of the pubs along the lake
  • Game night (Charade or Celebrity Name Game or Billiards)
  • Cooking Lesson 
  • Maybe a little shopping
  • Movie night plus the Royal Wedding
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Minus the dog.

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