Friday, May 18, 2018

Flora and fauna Friday - Taking the time to admire

May is definitely the month to plant flowers and or plants and decorate the front and backyard of your home.  Although I do not have the green thumb or the luck when it comes to the growth of plants, I still like to see and enjoy the flowers and whatever plant we have that grows in our yard.  While golfing, I always take the time to admire whatever flowers and maybe some animals that are around the course.  Recently the farm beside the course had all their cows grazing the grass.  One of the pond on the course I golf, we saw a mama duck with at least 14 ducklings just following their mother.  It's amazing what flora and fauna you see in the golf course or when we are out and about.  We found out that deer loves to come to some of the neighbors yard.  Of course you can't miss the bunch of quails just trying to cross the street.  Very funny sight as they go so fast to try to make it to the other side of the street.  So far no casualty.  So here's some of the latest photos I have taken so I can share them with my readers.

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