Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wholesome Wednesday - Our new favorite eatery

The name: WINGS Tap and Grill.  The location: Vernon, BC.  Reason for trying: we were headed for the Match Bar and Grill which is located inside the Casino in Vernon one Sunday afternoon.  We sat at the bar for a few minutes then waited and waited - the bar tender was by himself and never acknowledge us, so we left.  Right across from this place was the WINGS.  We were greeted by the bartender, sat in the bar and a couple of minutes later we were enjoying a very spicy Caesar drink. I also ask if they can switched one of the TV to the Tennis game which they did very quickly and had it on two screen.  Shortly after we ordered our food were delivered in front of us in less than 20 minutes.  Jeff and I decided this was going to be our new go to place.  Last weekend we return to the same place and although a different bartender, our drink was there within a couple of minutes.  We ordered the special which Jeff and I shared and tried a new flavor of their wings (Canadian Maple syrup rub). Of course I took some photos to share.  The food arrived quickly and it was hot.  We finished our meal and really enjoyed our one hour food and drink experience.  We know we will come back and try some of the other dishes in their menu.  Wednesday and Sunday are their half price wings. If you are ever in the area, you have to stop by.  

Flaming Caesar

Canadian maple syrup dry rub on wings

The special, Hawaiian bowl with chicken, pineapple and stir fried veggies over rice.

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