Saturday, August 26, 2017

Soulful Saturday - To Gino on your 36th birthday

For this the 36th birthday of my son, G, I decided to plant another tree.  A few years ago, I planted a Dwarf Alberta Spruce as a suggestion by my BFF Percy.  Unfortunately we were unable to take it with us when we move to our new home, so this morning we got up early and head on to Home Depot and bought exactly the same one.  There was a big pot that was left in our backyard and I painted it red a few days ago.  Today, this is how I am celebrating his birthday by planting a tree, a memory tree.  I will watch it grow slowly in the pot and hopefully it will survive the winters and with Jeff being in charge of watering, I know it will thrive.  Since it won't be a birthday celebration without a cake, I was a little edgy and had to be busy.  I made some regular cupcakes, mini cupcakes and a small birthday cake for G.  So no sad poem today. Instead we will just remember all the good times with him.

While searching for a song for today, I found a CD that my son had, it was dated May 2008 and I was surprised that this song was included in music mix.  I remember when my sister was babysitting my son, she use to play some of the old songs for him. 

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