Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Trying Tuesday - Not a gardener but loves plants

Since moving to our new home, I started making our front entrance a little bit more inviting and looking like it's a home and not just a house.  We were able to get some great deal on pots and plants when we checked a couple of weekends for the garage sales in our neighborhood.  We also got a coupon for a local store and I used it to buy a nice pot.  When Jeff goes to Home Depot to buy stuff he needs to do some repairs, etc. I usually would head to the garden section and see what deal I can find.  Although it is late to plant flowers, etc. it was still good to get some that will eventually end up indoors once the weather gets cooler. Check out what I have done both in the real plants and fake flowers (someone told me that the deer loves the flowers).  Actually there were a couple of deer that welcomed us when we arrived in our new home. I almost forgot about the title, I am describing me not being the gardener but I love watching flowers and plants grow.  Hopefully with Jeff in charge of watering these plants, they will in fact survive and thrive.

The fake one but still looks bright and pretty.

This is the set of pots I bought at the garage sale (set of 3).

This pot is also from the garage sale (set of 2).

The mums is from Home Depot for $4.99 

These plants are the ones I've always wanted for indoors, now I have something to look after.

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