Friday, August 25, 2017

Freehand Friday - What happens when there's no TV

So what actually happens when you cannot watch TV?  Well for us it was perfect timing since we had to get our new home in order.  Every day we listened to the radio for some news and some music to get us working at home.  After a while we didn't mind it at all, of course we still had our phone to check some news on Flip Board and I usually check Pinterest.  Although there was no TV we were still connected to the world because we have our phone that includes data.  While Jeff does what he needs to do to get the house in order with regards to internet, cable, electricity, etc.  I made sure the kitchen was functional the first night we arrived.  The next day I unpacked and organized all the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen as well as the fridge and freezer.  After a week we're almost back to normal except for a few things which was unimportant.  The second week my room was ready for sewing, crafting, ironing, and whatever I wanted to do except no internet, so no blogging.  Here's some of the things I have completed and there's a lot more on my list.

The red pillow was from our former living room, I added a piece of fabric and embroidered the design.
Left side of the stool

Right side of the stool. 
Top of the stool.

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