Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Talkative Tuesday - Can't stand it

QUIET PLEASE, that's what the volunteers at any major golf tournaments have in their sign and they actually say it.  This is when any of the professional golfers tee off, whether it's the first hole or the 18th hole, the rule apply.  I think it's really just courtesy to other players in your groups to be quiet for a few seconds.  Some golfers are not bothered by any noise of any kind.  For some reason, I don't know how to block the noise.  I am really contemplating on wearing headphones and listening to my favorite music.  But it would still be noise.  Lately it bothers me more and more.  It bothers me so much that it actually affects my swing and the direction of the ball.  I'm not good to begin with so any more distraction to what I am trying to achieve really messes up my game.  Yesterday, I had to say out loud, "I'm going to hit anytime now", and although they heard me, I could still hear them whispering.  I don't understand because when they are ready to hit, I stand very still and am very quiet.  Now I am thinking I should just find other group or just tell them to Shut up.  I am sure after a few times I would say that, they will get the hint.  Well, that's my venting today.  My apologies for not making this post a little more exciting. By the way, I have started to leave the putting green as I am done.  Maybe it's a bit rude, but I believe talking when someone is hitting is worst. 

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