Friday, June 12, 2015

Frustrating Friday - UPS hater

Sometimes in life you learn from making one mistake but after today, I have learned another lesson. NEVER EVER EVER USE UPS for shipping in the USA or CANADA or where ever you live.  A few days ago, I mailed a package to my daughter using the Staples as they are the agent for UPS.  I have been using this place to ship my packages for Canada and the US.  Most of the time it is being sent through US Postal Service which by the way might be a little more expensive at times but it has not failed me.  While this UPS  seems to just cause so much frustration and aggravation because most of the time all they blame is Staples and they are not very helpful at all.  So this particular package is going to cost twice as much because of this brokerage fees.  In all the years that I have been sending package to my daughter, this is the first time they are charging the receiver this fee.  After my phone call with UPS, I told my daughter to just pay it because if I tell UPS to send it back, they want me to pay for the return shipping or if I don't want to pay this fee, the package will be just abandoned.  I ask them why Staples did not mention this ever, their response is "they should advice you.  Each time I return to Staples to tell them my issues, their response is "you should call the UPS customer service.  It's just going in circles.  I don't really understand the brokerage fees, I believe it's just a way to tack on more cost to make that extra bucks that they didn't charge you to begin with.  So you feel that the shipping cost was reasonable but if you don't have a broker, then you are assigning UPS to be the broker which boils down to the same company charging the shipper to hold the box for a while and then pass it on.  I normally don't use this word "HATE", but now I am going to use it over and over.  I should have learned from the last shipment not to use UPS but the Staples employee convinced me that it's the best way to go.  Best for who - UPS???  If you are reading this, I hope that you use other courier/shipping company whether in the USA or Canada.  Maybe your experience is not the same but I seem to recall last Christmas that some of their employee were stealing Christmas gifts from the homes they are delivering to.  This is my story and I am sticking to it.


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