Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sickly Saturday - Need some R&R

There's only two reasons why I don't have any new posts.  I am really busy with enjoying life or I am not feeling good.  Sometimes it's just my body telling me to slow down and take it easy.  Since Tuesday afternoon I have been under the weather and didn't really know what hit me. Some pain on the left side, then no energy, no appetite and just no bounce.  I slept most of Wednesday.  Then in the evening a bit of nausea plus one episode of heaving.  I woke Thursday feeling a little better and got on the scale - lost a couple of pounds.  Then a realized that I had the massage appointment that maybe I should have cancelled but I didn't.  Maybe it will help me feel better so I went. OMG that revived me and felt like that my bounce is back, not 100% but enough to enjoy my day.  I got home and just watched golf for the rest of the day.  The relaxation continued all day Friday with more golf on TV and eating a little more but still in small portions.  A little bit slow with everything because it seems like the energy gets used too quickly.  Then I saw Jason Day slipped and fell on the ground.  I watched and listened.  Maybe he has Meniere's Disease.  They were talking about his dizziness and that he has gone through MRI, blood work, etc.  and everything came back negative.  I did go though all of that with my specialist telling me the results are negative but he is diagnosing it as Meniere's.  It's amazing that there were a lot of injuries during the 115th US open.  The course is so different, difficult, desert like, and brown.  I am hoping that either Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, or Dustin Johnson wins on Sunday.  On a happier note, look at the first plum from the tree that Jeff planted in our front yard.  There's also peaches and apricots that are starting to have small fruits.

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