Sunday, June 7, 2015

Surprise Sunday - Friendly Canadian

It was a very nice surprise from one of my Canadian girlfriend when I got her text last night saying she was in San Francisco.  We use to work together for many years.  She was not just a co-worker, she is a very good friend outside of work.  Of course she is one of my younger friends as I am at least 12 years older.  Her name is Shari or some of our close friends calls her Shera.  She was visiting family in the bay area and she also had a chance to stay at her uncle's place in Northern California.  We talked about old times and what's the latest with life in Canada as well as what's like in the place where I use to work.  Unfortunately it seems like everyone that I work with would prefer to retire sooner than later.  This makes me feel really great about retiring early.  Although I miss some of our friends that we worked with, I don't miss any part of my work.  I am sure they will just put in their time and hopefully retire early like me.  The only regret is that I forgot to take our photo during her visit and I also forgot to ask her to sign my guest book for CPBB.  

Shari is the one in the middle (taken at my retirement party 2010)

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