Saturday, September 21, 2019

Sportsmanship Saturday - Same or different

Last Sunday the Football season started and it was very exciting for me because my favorite
team the NE Patriots won 43-0 against the Dolphins.  That's when I realized that we had to do our very own Football Picks for the 2019-2020 season. First we choose from the AFC then we pick from the NFC.  This weekend we will have to do the NHL and pick our teams.  We really don't keep score of each and every game but we check it again when it is the playoffs.  These are the only two that we follow during the winter season.  My hubby does not really watch basketball and I normally will watch when it's their playoffs.  If you remember one of my posts about being not a good sports when it comes to losing to my hubby, well it already began as we had a few games of pool last week.  What I couldn't understand is that I can make great shots and do a few at a time but for whatever reason, I could not finish it.  Anyway, he won 5 games out of 6.  So here's a comparison of some of the sports that we both play and how we compare our skills with each other for each sport.
  • Golf - L
  • Tennis - even
  • Squash - L
  • Racquetball - J
  • Darts - even
  • Pool/Billiard - J
  • Basketball - L                                                       
  • Football - J
  • Snowboard/skiing - J
  • Dancing - L
  • Bowling - J

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