Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Wreaths Wednesday - And more

After a phone conversation with my girl friend from Ontario, I got a little excited because of the latest crafts that she just completed in time for the holidays.  Of course I asked her permission to share her creative works because they were amazing and inexpensive.  She has taken items that you can find in garage sales or thrift store or even in your garage or backyard.  Then her creative mind starts adding all the extras and there it is.  It is perfect for my blog today since Christmas is only 20 more sleeps.  For sure most of you have put up the tree and have decorated the rest of the house.  Some may still be contemplating whether to cut a real tree or just go to Canadian Tire and get one of those tree with lights on. However you decide to decorate your home I am sure it will be wonderful.  It's definitely beginning to look like Christmas.

She made this wreath using the grape vines from her father's garden.

As you can she, this piece won her 1st prize for the best arrangement.

I love this arrangement for your front door, it's very welcoming.

She made this candle using her favorite flowers.

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