Saturday, December 29, 2018

Satisfied Saturday - Must have been NICE

You are not going to believe this but it seems like I have been added to Santa's NICE list.  Now you are probably wondering where am I going with this.  Well when I woke up on Christmas morning, I saw all the gifts that had my name on it.  I was very excited to see what they were, but I had to wait until after our breakfast before we can open our presents.  Although I think some of them are truly for us and not just for me, but I still counted them as part of mine. LOL.  I figured I would take just one photo for all the gifts but it seems nicer to see them one by one which makes this post longer.  How I got in that nice list was just pure luck but I am guessing Santa was truly watching.  Anyway, I am just very thankful for all the gifts that I received and I already enjoyed using my skillet during a breakfast brunch with one of our neighbors.

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