Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Territorial Tuesday - Birds in the park

While my sister was visiting us, we decided to check out one of the park in our area.  It was a nice crisp morning and there were not that many people around.  Before we got too far, I noticed a small stage and I instructed my sister to follow me.  We asked Jeff to take a video of us.  What my sister did not know was that we will be doing some type of dancing.  I took my phone and found a song that we would dance to.  Jeff was holding his camera for the video and my phone for the music.  Luckily we finished the video before a couple who was walking in the park was heading in our direction.  Unfortunately, I cannot show you the video, but we had a good laugh watching it later.  As we continued our walk in the park, we noticed a lot of pigeons.  Apparently there was a a group of people feeding the birds.  As we get closer they started flying towards me, and of course I started to scream because it reminds me of the movie "The Birds".  I started walking towards another area of the park and took some photos of the ducks who were so calm and almost posing for the photographer.

The people who were feeding the birds.

My sister and I always try to get a photo like this when we are together.

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