Friday, October 20, 2017

Frigoriffic Friday - It's getting really cold

If you can see some snow on top of the mountain, it means that it's getting cold, right.  For me, I don't need to see that white stuff.  I just know when I go outside and feel the cold wind and the chill in my bones.  Yes, that means winter is around the corner.  Although we are still experience some warm days, the evenings are getting cooler.  I am truly hoping that I can still golf until the end of the month.  When the sun is out and the sky is blue, I get so excited and then I check the temperature, ooops, it's cold, sometimes really cold.  What will I do indoors?  So far I have about six potato bag order from my friend.  Then I will need to do a couple of bottles, painting the base coat and then designing using acrylic paint.  There's also some other sewing project that I need to finish for my collection.  I was planning of having a small Christmas boutique for the ladies of our neighborhood.  In order to have gift items for the holidays, I truly need to get busy sewing items for the sale.  But here's what I have done lately as well as some stuff my sister and I did while she was visiting.

Placemat, bib, binkie holder and a bowtie for a baby shower.

The bed scarf that my sister made while she was visiting.

Beer batter bread that Jeff baked this week.

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