Friday, February 8, 2019

Freezing Friday - It's too cold

For most of the month of January, all you can hear on the evening news is how cold the weather has been in many parts of the USA as well as Canada.  During those times, our temperature were truly mild.  We might have some snow but the next day when the sun shines, they all melt and roads are clear again.  For whatever reason this week, the forecast was not very nice at all.  We can get down to -24 C or -11 F.  However you look at it, it is freezing. The benefit about being retired is that you don't need to go out until you really need something in the store or maybe have an appointment.  Otherwise, I am very happy at home and when I get really cold, even when the heater is on, I get under my electric blanket and everything is warm and cozy.  Out east, where I have a lot of friends and family, their weather has been nasty too.  Their snow banks are at least 5 feet or higher. After chatting with one of my friend, she mentioned layering and using long john, etc.  And sometimes you have so much snow, they have to take and use their SNOW Leave.  I am not sure if you have heard that, but we do have that leave and employees can use it.  But before this post end, I just want to wish my BFF from Ontario a very very happy birthday.  I will have to wait until I see him next time so we can have drink to toast this year's birthday.  Until then I wish that the weather gets warmer and that spring arrives sooner than soon.  If you are experiencing some really cold weather, please dress warm, stay safe and if you don't need to go out, stay at home and enjoy a cup of warm beverage, a good book and a thick fluffy blanket. 

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