Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wondering Wednesday - How is this possible?

As you may recall a few months ago, I shared a photo of the first bloom of my orchid plant.  It is amazing how this plant that I received as a birthday gift two years ago, is still producing flowers.  This is the third season and I should have a total of six orchid flowers.  I cannot take all the credit for this because all I do is talk to the plant, admire it and encourage it to bloom.  Jeff in the meantime is very religious about watering them on the same day of the week and a specific time of the day.  We have not move this plant from the original spot that my friend Pam, told me to place it.  Anyway my sister is still wondering how I have not killed this plant but instead have taken care of it that it produces beautiful orchids.  It is a miracle plant and it brings so much joy each day I look at them.

As you can see there's two more waiting to bloom.

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