Saturday, May 6, 2017

Signs Saturday - Welcome signs

When the road seems like it has no ending, that's when you start taking boring photos of everything.  While traveling on our new RV, I found myself doing a lot of different things so I don't get too bored during those long drives.  Although Jeff does not drive for hours and hours without stop, it still feels like a long time to go from point A to B.  During that week we were in four different States.  Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.  I'm sure everybody knows Texas is the biggest state.  It seemed forever when we cross the State Line.  I keep asking Jeff "are we still in Texas?".  As much as I like to take great pictures, it was very difficult to take a good one when the RV is on the highway plus the high winds that causes the vehicle to swing side to side.  Anyway, here's three welcome sign that I was able to take and if you zoom on it, you probably would read where we have been.

This one is more of a real welcome sign to the state of New Mexico.
This shows the flag of the State of Arizona.
It's too bad that this sign wasn't designed with a bit more creativity/

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