Friday, June 29, 2018

Forgiving Friday - Ten years ago

It seems like only yesterday but it was really ten years ago when I got the worst phone call of my life.  Everyone says that time will heal the pain that was caused by the tragedy.  Some of my friends were amazed how I was able to carry on with life after I lost my only favorite son.  The most difficult part to accept was that I was not able to say goodbye.  But then again, I did not know his plans of leaving all of us so soon.  He was only 26 and without a sign, a clue or a message, no one expected that this would happen to such a wonderful person, a happy kid, an amazing brother and a terrific friend to all.  It has taken me all this time to finally forgive him for leaving without saying goodbye.  As well as, I have stopped looking for the reasons or answers to the question WHY.  Ten years ago we had lost so many loved ones beginning in January 2008 up to the end of that year.  A very dear friend, my father in law, Jeff's aunt (sister of his mom),  another long time family friend, my son's grandfather, one of our first cousin, and wife of a good friend.  There were a few more but I think I'll stop here.
Of all these loved ones, most of them have a first name beginning with the letter G or their last name beginning with the letter G as well.  I cannot explain what this means but it's definitely a strange year.  So today, I am celebrating not just my son's life but all of the family and friends that have left us.  We hope that they are all at peace and we will continue to keep them always in our mind and forever in our hearts.  I miss my son each and everyday but I know that someday we will be together.  Until then, I will try my very best to understand whatever his reasons were. 


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