Friday, June 22, 2018

Frustrated Friday - Annoying golf fans

After watching the last two PGA tournaments, I decided that I couldn't stand it anymore and I need to vent. OMG, those annoying golf fans that were consistently saying weird words right after the players hit their ball at the tee box was just too much.  Shortly after I read something online about a Canadian golfer that visited an office and it was on video and he started screaming a bunch of non-sense.  Just to get his message across that they are are Professional Golfer and they are at work.  How would you feel if you were at work and your co-workers were consistently screaming those words like Bababoowee or some other stupid words so that when they go home and replay the record game, they will be so proud that they heard themselves on TV.  In order to avoid this, I will have to watch the golf without sound.  Maybe the PGA can't do anything about it, but maybe those fans can just start growing up and just behave like adults.  I understand you want to cheer for your favorite golfer but in this case, I think it's just all about them hearing themselves.  I am sure these professionals are getting tired of it as well.  Now that I have said my spill, let's try and enjoy this weekend's Traveller's Championship.


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