Thursday, February 13, 2020

Thriving Thursday - Plants sitting

At the beginning of December my golf buddy decided to spend the cold winter months in a place that is sunny and warm.  His wife had a few plants and the person taking care of their home was not interested in caring for them.  So I offered to do it except they had to bring all the plants to our home.  There were only four pots so it was not a big deal.  My only concern is that I am not really good with plants and was afraid to kill them.  Except my hubby is very good at watering our indoor plants so I knew it was safe.  Anyway, I found a good spot for all four plants and I am happy to report that they are thriving.  In a month and a half, my buddy and his wife will return and we are hoping that their plants will remain as they are now.  In fact two of the cactus type of plants were flowering.  One with white flower and the other red.  I made sure I took photos of them while they are in bloom to show how well they are doing.  Check out how the plants are loving it in our surroundings.

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