Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tantrum Tuesday - Tennis Tears

After watching tennis for the last seven days, it is time to provide my own highlights of the US open tennis 2014.  For those of you are not interested in tennis at all, you might just find this post a little boring.  This is actually just some observations from watching the coverage.  I have not read any of the news posted on line or other type of social media.  Here it goes:
  • ESPN shows only the doubles match of the Williams sister. I think they should show the BRYAN brothers matches instead.  It's much more skills and no drama.
  • Maria's pick of outfits are not as exciting as all the previous US open.  Both her evening and daytime outfits seems like no thought was put into it.
  • Roger Federer's matches are so exciting with a lot of great shots.
  • If we could only hear what Serena said when she was unable to get a certain shots when playing against Lepchenko.  
  • It is amazing who fast some of the Men players were serving.  Raonic, Isner, Krygios, Groth and Estrela Burgos.
  • When Venus loses it seems like the excuse is she's not healthy and still fighting some type of illness which causes a person to be tired.  For some of us, it's called Aging.
  • Eugenie Bouchard (Canadian), great young player who is mature with an awesome  personality.  I love that she has her Genie Army everywhere and that she's good friends with Sheldon (Big Bang Theory). Good luck to Genie. GO Canada GO.

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