Monday, September 1, 2014

Mastering Monday - Practice makes perfect

Happy Labor Day to everyone in Canada and the USA.  It's the first day of September and it's hard to believe that some of the leaves are starting to change.  I am sorry for not posting for a few days but I have been busy with my volunteer work, golf and of course my sewing.  I am trying to make as many items for the upcoming holiday boutique that my neighbor and I plan to have sometime in November.  It will be about a month before Christmas which is a perfect time to sell crafts which are great gifts.  The eight potato bags I made were already sold which means I would have to make at least 20 for the sale.  The other item I have been perfecting are kitchen towels.  As for baby items, I have made a lot of bandana bibs which should be enough for the sale.  For the month of October, I plan to sew as much of other gift ideas which I am still creating in my head.  I also have a box full of pin cushions which I have done earlier this year.  Here' some sample of the latest kitchen towels I have finished.  It seems like a perfect day to show the fruits of my labor.

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