Sunday, September 14, 2014

Separation Sunday - Six degrees

Six degrees of separation is the theory that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries (from what is that com).  After reconnecting with some of my friends, we started talking about life and how people we meet somehow ends up connected with others. This post is about different stories shared by my friends and the people they met that knows me.  
  • Catherine - we met in Regina, Saskatchewan on training for three weeks. We kept in touch through the years. While visiting Toronto, she went out with her friend to a bar to meet with others.  She was introduced to my daughter.  Until she mentioned where she worked and my daughter told her where I worked and they realized the connection.
  • Two officers who worked together in Ottawa were sharing stories and somehow ended up finding out they both knew me.  One I met in Whitehorse in 1984 and the other I met in Ottawa in 1991.
  • Lorna - was being interviewed by an officer about a report and at the end of their conversation, she found out the officer knew me.
  • One single golfer joined two other golfers at a golf course somewhere in Quebec.  After the 18th golf, they stopped for a beer and started talking.  Somehow they both found out they knew me.  
  • A previous co worker was attending one of my birthday party. She was a little shy so I introduced her to one of tennis friend.  A few minutes later they found out they had worked together somehow in the Philippines prior to coming to Canada.
  • On a return flight from Edmonton to Toronto some years ago I sat beside a man who was the brother of one of the Trainers I knew in Ottawa .  It was only because he asked me what I do and where I work.
Do you have any experience of this six degrees of separation that you would like to share. Send me a comment or an email as I love hearing about this.


  1. Hi Lucky, read your blog when we reached Charlottetown. We discovered at breakfast that coincidentally your blog is named after a place in Manitoba and we are from Manitoba. ( Go Jets Go) . I'm a big fan of coincidences. It was nice to meet you and Jeff today. Safe journeys. Margaret and Harry Stimson

  2. Hello again, Luckie. Today I was sitting in the cafeteria area of our Costco while Harry got us a bit of lunch after shopping. I was checking over the Costco receipt when the lady beside me started a conversation. Turns out she and her husband are from Cranberry Portage, Manitoba which is a 9 hour drive from Winnipeg where we were sitting at the time. I told her about you and Jeff. Small world. .... Margaret Stimson

    1. Hi Margaret, Thank you for stopping by my blog. I truly appreciate your
      stories. Hopefully I will get back to my daily posts. There's so many things
      to be written about our Maritime trip. Please keep in touch.